Do you still use email services from Yahoo, Outlook, AOL or Microsoft Outlook but still unhappy with overall experience. So, it’s best time to switch to Gmail without losing your email, contacts and without missing any emails.

Most of us use Gmail especially Android users but there are many who still don’t use Gmail as their primary email account. The simple reason is that you’ve created your email account long time and don’t want to change or move to another. Second reason is that your all contacts has that email address and you think it will be difficult to update your new address to all. But I can assure you that you’re under more control while using Gmail as compared to other. With Gmail, you can keep your old account and forward all incoming email to your new Gmail account.

Best Spam Filter:

Believe me or not, Gmail has the best spam filter and it’s getting better with time. After switching to Gmail, I’m receiving way less spam in my inbox. No Non-English character emails or emails like you’ve won the lottery or someone has left the property for you.

Security Warnings:

Gmail warns you before like if there is phishing link in your email or is not sent by the authorized sender. It also warns you if someone has sent you some malware, virus with attachment. You should never open any attachment if you’re not expecting it or there is any warning regarding the attached file.

Unencrypted MessageGmail will also warns you if the message you’re sending or received is encrypted or not. In this case if lock sign is open, it means the message you received or you’re sending may not be fully encrypted and you should not send any confidential information.



You can Unsubscribe most of the mailings from the email itself without visiting the actual page.

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If you’re using Google Now on your Android phone or Inbox by Gmail, it can remind you about your bill due dates, travelling plans, meetings, reminders at the top and even you can set them as priority.

Inbox Tabs:

Inbox Tabs

You can also categorize your emails in different tabs for easy accessibility. By default it categorize into Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates. The nice thing about this categorization is that your inbox is less cluttered and you can access important emails easily.

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Google Docs

You can create Word Docs, Spreadsheets and presentation online at Google Docs. Moreover you can share and store them online in Google Drive. Google drive storage comes with 15GB space by default which is shared among all google services and in most cases normal users don’t need extra. Remember in case of Google Photos you can upload unlimited photos without worrying about space.

Except all those above features, you can do much more like Archive your email and check them later on. You can mark or star your important emails, label them with different colors. It has option to undo your email send within few seconds. Moreover, you can use Android/iOS apps and Inbox by Gmail for more better features.

If you are ready to switch from your current email provider to Gmail than please check the guide, how to switch webmail providers and that also without losing any emails.

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